Jcx China CZ Purlin Automatic Changeable Cold Roll Forming Machine

JCX Galvanized Metal CZ Cold Metal Roll Forming Machine





one.Design of profile(C&Z purling interchangeable)
C purlin
Width: eighty300mm
Flange: thirty100mm
Lip: ten20mm
Note:limitless cutting,all sizes can be changeable.Such as the li,flange,width.
Z purlin
Width: a hundred and twentythree hundredmm
Flange: fortyone hundredmm
Lip: ten20mm
Note:limitless cutting,all sizes can be changeable.Such as the li,flange,width.

two. Parameters of machine
1).Suitable material to produce: Coldrolled steel strip and heattreated galvanized steel strip
2).Thickness of raw
three).Decoiler: Decoiler type Manual type,passive type
Bearing: three4tons
Diameter 350five2mm
four).Power of machine: Hydraulic motor power: 22kw
Hydraulic punching&cutting: five.fivekw
five).Hydraulic pressure: sixteenmpa
six).Roll forming system: Feeding&levelling device: Gcrfifteen
Speed of machine: 15two meters/min
Material of roller: Cr15 with quenched treatment
Roll stations: eighteen groups
Material of main shaft: fortycr with high frequency
grinding and heat treatment
Diameter of main shaft: 70mm
Punching type: Hydraulic punching
Punching material: Cr12
seven).Cutting: Cuttinmaterial: Cr12 Cr12MoV Cr12 (total three blades)
eight).Control system: PLC controlControl the quantity &punching length& cutting length automatically
The Machine will be stopped while it is punching and cuttingAutomatic Length measures and quantitcounting (precision +- 3mm)
Voltage: 380V, Phase fiftyHz
PLC manufacturer: Japan Panasonic
Transducer: Japan Panasonic
9).Product support frame: meters
ten)Weight of machine: nine.1tons
11)Measurement: 9.one*one.four*one.8m

3.  Processing technique and deployment
(1) Manual decoiler——-—–—-1 set
(two) Feeding and levelling device—–—-—-—- set
(3) Rolling forming system—-—-oneset
(4) Hydraulic punching and lowerting—-—- set 
(five)Product support frame——–—-1 set 
(six)PLC Control System—-—-—-one set

four. Delivery date: fifty days after receiving deposit.
five. Packing: Packing: nude, with waterproof cloth and stowwood.
The computecontrolled cabinet is packed with waterproof cloth and box. The selleshould guarantee equipments will be moisture-proof, anticorrosive, and will not be damaged during transportation.
6. Sales clause: you should pay 30% of the total payment on the order day, after signing<Manufactured products purchase contract>,

you can send person to inspect goods, then payoff the whole payment before shellopping out the goods.
In correct operation and maintenancethe machine is one year guarantee since leaving the sellers factory.Life long tracking service
If buyer need, the seller will send one or two technician to the buyers factory to install & testing the machine, the buyer wunwell
assist the seller ‘s technician to get the visa and pay for the
twoway flight tickets and local accommodation, visa cost. by the way , buyer pay one hundredUSD/day for technician extra.


Jcx China CZ Purlin Automatic Changeable Cold Roll Forming Machine