Hxcy602 Dual-Arm Robotic Manupulation of Flexible Cables Continuous Flex Control Cable Flexible Wire

Product Description

Conductor:Notably substantial-flex design made of totally free-Oxygen copper wires in accordance to VDE5715 Course 6                                                             
Conductor design:anti twist layered, or grouping with divided hole filling by higher strength main
Conductor insulation: High high quality imported TPE/TPEE/ETFE
Colour code:  OEM(Alternative)                                                                                        
Interior jacket:  Modified low viscosity and Powerful extrusion construction,high-high quality imported PVC with oil resistance                                                                                                                                       
Defend: Braid produced of tinned copper wires,protect previously mentioned 80% 
Outer Jacket: Higher high quality imported PUR/TPU/PU                                                      
Jacket shade: Black,Gray,Orange

CZPT Parameters
Rated voltage:<0.5mm2:300/300V ≥0.5mm2:300/500V                           
Torsion angle: ±270ºC/.5m  
Minimum bending radius: Fixed set up:6×D
Movable set up:distance of vacation <10m,minimum bending radius 6×D
length of travel ≥10m,least bending radius 8×D          
Software temperature:Set installation:-40ºC-+105ºC  
movable installation-30ºC- +105ºC       
Flame resistance:following IEC60332-one-two+EN60332-1-two

Item Features
1.installtion journey length > 100m,acceleration 80m/S2,transferring velocity 8m/S
2.bending lifetime: forty five instances/min,>8million occasions
3.Water-resistant, oil resistance, uv resistance,weatherability
4.chilly resistance,abrasive resistance, can manage some mechanical power,anti-
With higher acceleration and stronger torsion than common adaptable cable


Utilized in robotic systems and mobile equipment, generation strains, robotic arms and other flexibility situations. utilized for link manage in industrial setting, cable can have more time lifetime when function beneath dry or soaked indoor setting.Ideal for extended stroke, heavy machinery equipment (hand), large pollution of indoor environment.

Specification(we also accept CZPT cable)

Packing techniques



Hxcy602 Dual-Arm Robotic Manupulation of Flexible Cables Continuous Flex Control Cable Flexible Wire