Fifo Flow Through Racking for Live Storage

1.    Product Description:
Carton Dwell Rack is made up of body and declined roller beds. Stock is in normal transport container or carton. Retailer-in cartons or container slide from the roller chain to the select face, when the front container is vacant and removed from the rack, the again container will slide to the select face. It is good for (FIFO) storage notion.

2.  Basic factors

Carton movement rack is composed of frames, beams and roller mattress. The roller mattress is composed of a set of rollers designed to in shape into a frame framework and mounted on the loading beams. There are also seperators or deviders for the partition of each sliding lanes. The method is designed for the storage of 1st in initial out operation.


3. Advantages and Essential positive aspects·   
         Complies with global norms and restrictions
·        Offer compact storage, the place utilization price can be up to 60-70%.
·        First in very first out procedure.
·        The design and style is ideal for various dimensions of pallets
·        Large high quality of finish
Carton Live Rack is located in Distribution Center & Warehouse choosing area, it also discovered in assemble line for the storage of assembly components. The Carton Reside Rack not only provides storage room, it also conserve space and boost productive. It is the ideal method for assemble line and distribution center. Pick to Mild systems can also be installed in the carton reside racks.

4. Factory Production:

5. RFQ paperwork:  Before you deliver us your Need For Quotation, make sure you prepare the adhering to data:

  1. Warehouse layout CAD drawings if CZPT.
  2. Carton size, width, depth, top of merchandise.
  3. Loading weight per carton box.
  4. Clear top of the warehouse
  5. Your intra logistic stream inside the warehouse. 


Fifo Flow Through Racking for Live Storage