Chain-Disc Pan Feeding Equipment for Female Breeder

Breeder Chain-disc Circle Pan Feeding method


           What’s the Design Plan And Feeding System Format for your Breeder Residence ?
one]. For breeder farming, the female breeder and male breeder quantity ratio is ten:one
two]. If you rearing female breeder and male breeder with each other, Usually female breeder design and style in 2 side on the plastic floor of breeder house and male breeder layout in the middle on the ground of breeder residence.
3]. For 2 side feminine breeder, use 2 or three loops open trough chain feeding system or chain-disc pan feeding technique For middle male breeder, use one line metering cylinder pan feeding line
                                                               The Structure as Pursuing
                                       2 aspect for woman breeder use chain-disc pan feeding loop
                           middle for male breeder use metering cylinder auger pan feeding line



1]. Design and style three woman breeder chain-disc pan feeding loop. 
2]. Each chain feeding loop have 2 feed bin.
three]. Design 2 major feed filling tube, supply feed from outdoors Big feed hopper to 6 feed bin.


Breeder Chain Disc Pan Feeding Program Advantage
1].The feed shipping speed attain 56m/min. Every hour can shipping one ton feed. Cut down breeder feeding time distinction. 
two].Pan feeder diameter 360mm Style 16 feed grids 16 feed adjust switch Suited for one working day chicks to grownup breeder. 
3].Easy to put in, Less maintain. Travel method continual and high efficiency. 
4].CZPTest is the head maker of  chain disc pan feeding system primarily elements, we can offer the manufacturing facility and wholesale cost.


                                                 Equipment Record Instance
If your breeder property is 122m*15m rearing 10000 female breeder
Then we layout 3 female breeder chain-disc pan feeding loop 2 feeding loop 120m*one.35m and one feeding loop 120m*2.7m


                               Female Breeder Chain-disc Pan Feeding Method
No.            Merchandise Description                          Specification Qty     Device
20001 Feed Bin Scorching galvanizedwith protect Pcs
20002 Driver Motor Unit 1.5kW/380V 50HZ or 220V 60HZ 304SS Driver box Established
20003 Feed Sensor Created in Israel   Established
20004 Corner assembly 90° Corner  (engineering plastic) 16  Established
20005 Φ45 feed pipe+ Φ36 chain-disc 2.7meter/set with three holes to set up three feeder 270 Set
20006 Φ45 feed pipe+ Φ36 chain-disc two.7meter/set CZPT holes Set
20007 Pan feeder for feminine breeder diameter 360mm,sixteen methods to alter 810 Pcs
20008 Suspending elements   Established
20009 Anti-perch connect parts   Established
2571 Steel wire #six  Φ6.0mm (seven*19 sizzling galvanized) 760 Meter
20011 Steel wire #1.5  Φ1.5mm  720 Meter
20012 Metal wire #3  Φ3.0mm 720 Meter
20013 CZPT Stunning Unit   Established
20014 CZPT Manage Box three-Way For three feminine pan feeding line Set
20015 CZPT Cables all motor electrical cable to middle work area Set


Chain-Disc Pan Feeding Equipment for Female Breeder