Automatic PP PE PVC and Other Plastic Precise Metering, Compounding and Conveying System Centralized Feeding System

As a totally ODM method, this central feeding system will be made dependent on customerization.

At present, most of the creation plants of PVC products use guide weighing of different uncooked components and auxiliary components. This strategy is also possible in the period of modest factories, but in massive factories, this kind of as when the raw substance mixing volume exceeds a thousand kg for each hour, its uneconomical attributes You can start off to highlight it. these kinds of as:
one. The quantity of employees requirements to be big, the wages of staff are soaring, and the emphasis on actual physical well being has triggered labor costs to increase quickly.
two. Due to the emotional nature of the staff, working in a boring work surroundings for a prolonged time will inevitably trigger weighing inaccuracies and mismatches, leading to main losses.
For that reason, the software of automated weighing batching, mixing, and conveying programs is required. This method is suited for large-scale production. For factories with an output of much more than a thousand kg / hour, financial positive aspects are obvious.

  1. The program mainly includes: Weighing gadget for principal content feeding, Weighing unit for auxiliary content feeding, liquid materials batching, mixing unit, conveying system
  2. Utilizing PLC and microcomputer blended control, it can comprehend extended-time period steady feeding procedure.
  3. CZPTed load cells
  4. The feeding portion, in accordance to the needs of the material, adopts stainless metal screw feeder, or vacuum feeder, pipe chain conveyor

CZPT CZPT’s Rewards:
one. CZPT focuses on the processing program of powder and granular resources. CZPTing the traits of the supplies and thorough comprehending of the material processing engineering are our strengths. We are excellent at solving troubles in the process of conveying, storing, weighing, mixing and sieving, and offer the most ideal solution and general undertaking plHangCZPT, and finally build a turnkey undertaking tailor-made to customer wants.
two. CZPT not only styles the program, but also manufactures essential components to make certain merchandise top quality and lessen maintenance expenses for customers throughout the use of the system. This kind of as: Conveying: feeding rotary valve, direct-blow variety rotary valve, rotor reversing valve, flap valve, digital scale, super huge mixing device, pipe chain conveyor, vacuum loader, screw conveyor, vibrating display.

The central feeding system can carry tangible positive aspects to the plastics processing companies, and will use the price saved by consumers of the central feed in 2 to three years to make up for the tools expense.
CZPT is a planet-top supplier in the discipline of central feeding techniques. HADRDEGA has a range of material receivers. Different substance combos can be used to form different materials provide programs, this sort of as content type (one substance and 1 pipeline ) or tools type (one particular machine a single pipe).
Every central feed system is made based on customer’s generation capacity, raw material kinds, layout of the workshop molding gear, and the conveying length from the uncooked substance location to the molding equipment platform. It can give clients with an optimized, most suited Central feeding program.

• Material-sort central feeding method is suitable for fewer uncooked components
• Rare replacement of raw components
• Suitable for lengthy distance transmission
• Several molding machines

•Equipment variety central feeding technique is ideal for more types of raw resources
• Frequent replacement of uncooked components
• Suited for near transmission
• Much less molding devices

COMPASON also has the world’s major mixing engineering for air-stream mixing in the  scheme of mixing and conveying resources.The HM series content receiver is outfitted with an air movement stirring device at the discharge port, which is appropriate for the combined and then transported program. The materials soon after getting stirred can be sent in batches by way of the pipeline cleansing valve. Right after the batch components are all sent to the content receiver, the uncooked substance proportion is not transformed, the airflow is stirred to open up the compressed air, and the best combination of airflow stirring and suspension stirring can restore the first point out following substance mixing.

TOY BRICK layout

• CZPT conveying technique collection substance receivers have diverse capability designs from fourteen to 54L
• Modular layout can meet the needs of much more consumers
• The Controller can management up to sixty four sub-controllers and the on-line suite software can be expanded up to a hundred sub-controllers.
• In the situation of a sufficiently big capacity of the vacuum unit, it is only required to link the program in parallel to the technique network CZPT introducing a central controller interface.

Zero chance design and style
All material receivers of CZPT Central Feeding System have a grasp controller and are equivalent to the primary controller, so any controller can very easily exchange the primary controller. The central feeding program will not result in the complete feed technique to collapse owing to the failure of the grasp manage.
Soon after replacing the major controller in the program, the unique parameters of the system will be routinely restored to the freshly installed major controller, and do not want any options to perform properly.

Humanization style

The central feeding technique not only sets the parameters of all material receivers via the grasp controller, but also enables the controller on every single substance receiver to set all parameters of the materials receiver, producing it rapid and easy.
Each and every clever controller is equipped with a electronic exhibit, and any motion of the substance receiver can be effortlessly managed in actual time via the exhibit.
All the substance receivers of the system talk with the major controller via a signal line in parallel. The main controller can check the materials receivers not in the technique by one particular-click viewing. The upkeep is effortless.

Pipe fittings
The Y-kind department is utilized for the opening of the material-kind principal pipe to the molding device desk. The particular buffer design and style can reduce the conveying speed of the content in the pipe and minimize the gravity impact on the pipe bend.
•Pipe and pipe link utilizes stainless steel pipe clamp with silicone sealing material
•R500 arc stainless metal elbow is adopted at the corner, dress in-resistant glass elbow when transporting particular components

Pipeline cleansing
•After every feeding process, the program immediately opens the cleansing valve for cleansing the pipeline
•Transporting robust moisture-absorbing uncooked content need to clean the pipeline
•When replacing uncooked components, pipelines want to be cleaned
•Avoid blockage in longer pipelines conveying
•Reduce the perform load on the vacuum device for the duration of the secondary suction and properly defend the vacuum device

Uncooked content distribution

• The uncooked materials distribution station is appropriate for the tools sort central feeding method, and the uncooked supplies can be speedily dispersed to various molding devices via the raw content distribution station.
• Fully computerized raw substance distribution technique, which can completely swap the required uncooked materials pipelines through intelligent controllers to optimize the protection of raw materials selection and distribution safety.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Vacuum unit and dust collector

• CZPT will pick a vacuum unit that is much more suited for consumers depending on the supply distance and the dimensions of the output.
• Main pump and standby units can be switched routinely
• The pump group can automatically switch to the standby pump group at substantial temperature failure
• Fan failure and no compressed air alarm shutdown
• The central dust collector will collect all the dust in the system’s uncooked resources, and the system will instantly comprehensive the filter bag cleaning job

Discharge and feeding

• Airtight composition design and style to meet up with the damaging stress conveying conditions necessary by the content receiver
• Large-diameter discharge port and stainless metal unloading baffle with inclined angle to optimize discharge and material amount detection
• When the substance receiver has no content, the discharge baffle is totally free to close by gravity, so that the CBE controller gets the feeding signal
• Complete mix of discharge baffle and discharge port during suction to make certain air tightness

Dry air sealing program

• The shut system can stop the raw materials after drying from double humidity absorption
• Maintain the temperature of the substance soon after drying
• Automatic payment for dry hot air when pipeline is cleaned
•  Air outlet can be employed for sizzling air drying of raw supplies to reduce power loss

Versatile conveying

The intelligent conveying manage technological innovation can be modified according to the various material diameters and conveying distances of the substance receiver, and the raw materials can be transported at the optimal speed, and the purpose of defending the raw supplies can be achieved at the same time.
In some unique areas, the intelligent controller can manage the conveying velocity of raw materials, and understand the operate of defending raw supplies by picking the conveying velocity.

Solution advantages

• Help save raw resources
By decreasing spillage and contamination of uncooked resources, at minimum one – two% of raw components can be saved
• Save labor fees
The centralized storage of raw resources can drastically minimize the labor price input, CZPT the require to transportation the raw supplies to the forming equipment.
•Save area
The central feeding program can preserve much more place by incorporating a lot more molding tools and make certain that the generation workshop is cleanse and tidy
• Conserve vitality
The central feed method saves about 80% of strength usage in comparison to the stand-alone feed program
• Lessen servicing expenses
The central feed program not only has a lower maintenance price than the stand-by yourself feed method, but also decreases servicing expenses on this foundation.



Automatic PP PE PVC and Other Plastic Precise Metering, Compounding and Conveying System Centralized Feeding System