All in One Multi Purpose Lamp Wisdom Lamp4 Cap Lamp

ABOUT Wisdom
The world’s in the cap lamp business! 
Special multi-purpose lamp in the entire world!
Knowledge Lamp4 High CZPT LED Bicycle Lamp, water-proof bicycle headlight

Wisdom Lamp4 High CZPT LED Bicycle Lamp,water-resistant bicycle headlight

Functions WISDOM Lamp 4 Specifications
Product Lamp 4A Lamp 4B Lamp 4C Lamp 4D
CZPTness Mode Hi ME LO Hi ME LO Hello ME LO Hello ME LO
Continuous discharging time (h) 6 sixteen 60 six sixteen sixty six 16 sixty six sixteen 60
LED working current (A) one.2 .45 .065 .9 .35 .05 .65 .22 .05 .five .seventeen .04
Light power (W) three.6 one.three .eighteen 1 .fourteen 1.9 .sixty six .14 1.45 .45 .11
Initial lighting degree in 1 m (lx) 20000 8500 1400 15500 7000 900 12000 4500 900 9000 3000 650
Light luminous flux (lm) 413 185 thirty 330 148 23 254 ninety six 23 203 75 18
Rated capacity six.2 Ah 4.4 Ah three.1 Ah two.2 Ah
Rated voltage three.7 V
Main light working voltage 3.0 V
Main light life span 100000 h
Auxiliary light power .4 W
Auxiliary light life span 40000 h
Short circuit protection time < 320 us
Life span of the battery (Recharges) 1200 cycles (In reasonable working condition)
Charging time 5 h 4 h 4 h 3 h
Dimensions 84 x 69 x 50 mm 3.3 x 2.7 x 2.0 in
Fat a hundred seventy five g 6.seventeen oz 128 g four.fifty two oz
Optional parts Transparent/colored optical lens(click to view)
Rack for bicycle(click to view)
Magnetic USB charger(click to view)

Wisdom Lamp4 Substantial CZPT LED Bicycle Lamp,water-proof bicycle headlight

Business Introduction

New Wisdom Expense Restricted (Knowledge) is an integrated business, which focuses on manufacturer, R&D, sales, generation and source chain. We focus in generating LED miner’s cap lamps and charging products and so on. All items are of exclusive style, large tech and exceptional quality. A number of merchandise performance indexes are in the guide placement CZPT inside the same sector.
“Wisdom” as a brand trademark has been registered in around 110 countries. Our merchandise have been offering to close to eighty nations and we have obtained patents on creation of many merchandise items.

Producing and Gear

Our manufacturing facility addresses an area of 5,000 sq. meters and offers excellent working surroundings for our worker. We have the total set of products, best creation and quality management method. We manufacture our merchandise by substantial common and rigorous high quality management and we fully adhere to out ISO good quality management system common.

Wisdom Lamp4 Substantial CZPT LED Bicycle Lamp,waterproof bike headlight

Knowledge Lamp4 Large CZPT LED Bicycle Lamp,water-proof bike headlight

Wisdom Lamp4 Substantial CZPT LED Bicycle Lamp,watertight bike headlight


Knowledge Lamp4 High CZPT LED Bicycle Lamp,watertight bike headlight

Why choose us?                                                         
About us
one) 1three years of Professional manufacturing of LED miners cap lamp and charging devices, focus on quality and brand
2) We are the 1st one to apply LED to mining cap lamp, we are the 1st one in Asia to get USA MSHA Approval
three) WISDOM brand registered in 110 countries and products sold to 80 countries
Advanced equipment
one) SMT: Surface Mounted Technology, Wave Soldering
two) Smart Oscilloscopes: imported from USA, USD50,000, it is usually used in Academy
3) Battery Cycle Tester: 10 times of cycly test for 80 hours
four) CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and Injection machine: imported from ZheJiang
Warranty and after-sales service
one) Guarantee: 2 years, for defective one, we will replace a total new cap lamp during warranty time
2) After sales service: will deal with your complaint at first time, give you solution within 5 working days
three) Free samples: free samples will be provided when our new models come out 
4) Market support: we can support you to do advertisement in local magazine and provide samples with big discount for exhibition

R & D
1) We have built a team of 5 qualified engineers to get all the certificates in the world
2) CZPTy year we invest more than 10% annual turnover in our R&D


Pick Wisdom, Select the best high quality miner cap lamp!
If you have any concerns, make sure you really feel free to speak to Knowledge at any time!

Knowledge Lamp4 Substantial CZPT LED Bicycle Lamp,water-resistant bike headlight


All in One Multi Purpose Lamp Wisdom Lamp4 Cap Lamp