Agrochemical herbicide Flumetsulam 80%WDG, 97%TC

Frequent title: Flumetsulam
Chemical Title: N-(2, 6-difluorophenyl)-five-methyl [one, 2, four] triazolo[one, 5-a]pyrimidine-2-sulfonamide
Formula: C12H9F2N5O2S
Molecular Excess weight: 325.29
CAS No.: 98967-forty-nine
Specification: ninety five%TC, 80%WDG, fifty%SC, Florasulam 25%g/l + Flumetsulam 33G/lSC

Actual physical & Chemical Properties 
Appearance: Off-white, odourless solid. 
Melting Position: 251-253° C. 
Vapour Force: 37× ten-7MPa(25° C). 
Balance: Insoluble in water, secure at normal temperatures and storage problems. 

Acute Oral LD50: > 5000 mg/kg 
Acute Dermal LD50: > 2000 mg/kg
Acute four-hour rat inhalation LC50: > one.2 mg/l 
Acute Skin Discomfort(rabbit): Slight skin irritant 
Acute Eye Irritation(rabbit): Slight eye irritant 
Pores and skin Sensitization (Guinea pig): Not a dermal sensitizer

Selective broadleaf herbicide for use in pastures and different crops. 
Fluoride is triazolo pyrimidine Sulfonamide, it is a standard acetolactate synthase inhibitors. It triggers the crops stopping developing by inhibiting the synthesis of branched-chain amino acids to make protein synthesis blocked. It can be utilized to handle soil, stems and leaves with lengthy residual perios and broad spectrum.

Name of product FLUMETSULAM 95%TC
Index name Index    worth Measured  worth
Visual appeal Off-white powder    Off-white powder
Content (%)        ≥95.
Water (%) ≤1. .twenty five
Insoluble in acetone (%) ≤0.2 .eleven
Acidity (H2SOfour, %) ≤ .04

Agrochemical herbicide Flumetsulam 80%WDG, 97%TC