330ml 500ml Small Pet Bottle Can Soft Drink Carbonated Water Juice Flavor Water Beverage Liquid Bottling Filling Labeling Packing Equipment

Complete Computerized PET Bottle Carbonated Beverages Generating / Filling Device


Carbonated beverage filling device is utilized to produce polyester bottled soda h2o, alcoholic beverage machinery and other carbonated beverage equipment. The CGFD Clean-filling-capping three-in-1 device:Beverage CZPT can complete all the approach this kind of as washing bottle, filling and capping, it can minimize the components and outsiders contact time, boost the sanitary circumstances, manufacturing ability and economic effectiveness.

one) The 3-In-one Carbonated filling machine is utilised for carbonated beverages filling.
two) The device is made up of washing filling and capping with comprehensive automation.
three) The machine suited for aerated h2o filling into polyester bottles and PET bottles.
four) It can be used for all varieties of bottles.
5) The bottleneck blocking helps make the process of altering bottles effortless by only adapting the peak of convey or chain.
six) The filling procedure adopts the micro-strain engineering, which tends to make filling method quicker and far more secure.
seven) Compared with other products of the very same type this machine possesses a far better top quality and as a result enjoys a high ratio of function from cost.

Merchandise Title Carbonated consume filling machine
Product CGFD18186A
CZPTs of washing filling and capping eighteen-18-six
Capability 4000-6000BPH(@500ml)
PET bottle Diameter  φ50-φ110mm (Height): a hundred and fifty-310mm (Quantity: 250ml -2000ml)
Content Stainless Steel 304
Overall power four.5kw
Filling pressure .15-.35MPa
Rinsing pressure .two-.25MPa
Measurement 2400x2100x2250mm
Weight 3500kg
Contact display screen Mitsubishi(Japan)/Willen(ZheJiang )/Siemens(Germany)
PLC Mitsubishi(Japan)
Transducer Mitsubishi(Japan)/Siemens(Germany)
Contactor Schneider (France)/Siemens(Germany)
Electronic control keys Mitsubishi(Japan), Siemens(Germany)
Air-actuated componen Airtac (ZheJiang )
Solenoid valve FESTO (Germany)


1. This carbonated filling mono-bloc is made of super stainless steel. It has compact construction, great physical appearance, scientific and realistic design and style. It is CZPT for the bottles from 200ml to 2000ml.

two. It adopts the technologies of immediate contact with air conveyor and bottle inlet poking wheel, taking stead of the feeding screw and conveyors, which making it considerably far more convenient to modify the bottle condition.

three. This device adopts innovative bottle neck clamping technique, which get rid of the necessity of bottle top. So there is only a few components need to have to adjust while different bottles are utilised on the same equipment, such as the information plate and the poking wheel.

4. Best stainless metal bottle gripper of rinsing avoids the secondary contamination by no contact with the bottle screw elements.

5. It is geared up with substantial speed filling valve of high precision filling.

six. The capping head adopts continual magnetic torque unit to ensure the substantial capping good quality CZPT hurt. Substantial efficient cap settling method, cap feeding method and no bottle no cap program make the whole capping program perfect.

7. It adopts spiral descent style for the assistance plate for bottle bottom at the outlet thumb wheel. It removes the want of modifying the inlet bottle height for alter bottle versions.

8. This carbonated beverage filling device adopts innovative PLC management and touch display. The key electrical components are from worldwide renowned manufacturer.


330ml 500ml Small Pet Bottle Can Soft Drink Carbonated Water Juice Flavor Water Beverage Liquid Bottling Filling Labeling Packing Equipment